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Five Ideas for Easy Wood Pellet Storage

Tuesday, 31 May 2016 21:22

Homeowners across the country are recognizing the convenience and enjoyment of using a wood pellet stove or furnace for heating. Coming up with ideas for easy wood pellet storage makes this heating method even more attractive and allows for simple, efficient and environmentally friendly heat all season long.

Outdoor Idea - Storage Shelves

Outbuildings and sheds are most often used for outdoor storage of wood pellets. Rural properties may have a silo for storage, while suburban homes provide plenty of space in the garage for piles of wood pellet bags. If you plan to keep your pellets in a building invest in solid shelving for safety and efficiency. Although the bags can be piled, shelving provides stability and ease of loading and unloading of the bags.

Indoor Idea - Vintage Items

Dusty wood pellets require a sturdy container for clean and safe storage. Vintage items work well and often add to the ambiance of your room while serving a practical purpose. Think about using an old milking pail or a whiskey barrel for wood pellet storage. Each of these items holds a decent amount of fuel and becomes an intriguing conversation piece in any home.

Indoor Idea - Steel Bucket

Would you prefer something new to add to your modern home decor? Look for steel buckets in various sizes, available at many hardware retailers and farm supply stores. These containers offer open storage with a handle for easy carrying and dispensing.

Outdoor Idea - Stick-Framed Box

Building a stick-framed box takes very little time and minimal skill. Constructed in the right location, this simple structure provides impressive storage capacity for years. Consider using treated lumber for protection against rotting and be sure to consult your municipality for information on any building permit requirements.

Indoor Idea - Chest or Trunk

Similar to one of the vintage items listed above, a travel trunk or cedar chest provides an attractive spot to store wood pellets for your pellet stove or furnace. Consider the space available and shop around for the ideal chest. Thrift stores and consignment shops have used trunks available, while many furniture retailers carry new chests in a wide variety of styles and sizes for wood pellet storage.

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